Income and Earnings Disclaimer

Please be advised that ECOMPATRICK, including its various services such as online education-based services, website and e-store construction, product sourcing assistance, and ongoing store maintenance, does not guarantee or promise any specific level of income or earnings as a result of using these Services. Any values, numbers, income, and earnings statements mentioned throughout the process or depicted on our website and other platforms are aspirational and indicative in nature and should not be considered as guarantees or promises of actual performance.

No Guarantee of Income or Earnings

. While ECOMPATRICK strives to present accurate and honest claims about its services, please acknowledge and understand that these figures are estimates and there are no assurances that you will achieve these levels of income.

Variability in Results

. The success and earnings of each customer can vary widely. Some customers may not generate any income at all, and in certain instances, customers may incur losses.

Representative Nature of Testimonials

. The testimonials and examples found on ECOMPATRICK'S platforms, these testimonials showcase individual achievements and do not serve as an indication of typical or average results. They are individual stories and should be seen as such.

Requirement of Hard Work

. Success and earnings are the result of hard work, dedication, and learning. There are no shortcuts to achieving success through our Services.

External Factors

. Please be aware that numerous factors beyond ECOMPATRICK'S control can impact your success. Market conditions, individual skills, and personal efforts are just a few of the variables that play a significant role.

Customer Responsibility

. As stated in our

Terms of Service

, it is the responsibility of the customer to conduct due diligence and make informed decisions when using our Services. ECOMPATRICK provides tools and guidance, but the ultimate responsibility for success lies with the customer.

Non-Advisory Nature of Services

. Our Services are not to be construed as investment, financial, or similar advice. ECOMPATRICK is not a financial advisor, and our Services should not be used as a substitute for professional financial advice.

By using ECOMPATRICK'S Services, you acknowledge and agree that there are risks involved and that complete success cannot be guaranteed. You are advised to consider your personal circumstances and objectives before deciding to use our Services.

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© 2023 Boosted Academy. All rights reserved.